QToaster QEMU Frontend:


QToaster is a simple app that executes QEMU with the proper command line parameters (a frontend). The features are pretty basic, the executable is small and this is a portable application. I needed something to automate QEMU quickly operate fast without having to worry about setting things up. I just wanted to get moving fast. It is designed just for that. It will keep your last machine settings and reload them from the .ini files that it creates. The main purpose for which I needed this is for Android - using Limbo. If something works on QEMU then they have a very high chance of working on Android.

You don't need to put QEMU in your environment path, just point to its base folder. It doesn't need any special runtimes (java, .net, Python, etc.), it only needs the utility file Lutil.dll.

By downloading this program, you take full responsibility for anything that you do to your own stuff. I take no responsibility for anything you do with this. You are NOT allowed to modify my source for the main program or my dll lutil.dll for any reason. You may re-distribute the installer in its original form, but that's it. Use it, share it and let me know about any bugs you find if you want to, and if you do and I fix them, I may ask you to be listed as a contributor to the program and put you in the credits.

This Frontend was made for use with:


QEMU emulator version 6.0.0 RC2

available at: https://qemu.weilnetz.de/w64/2021/


When you run the installer, it will create a sub-folder from where it has been run and put the QToaster executable and library file in there.

Have fun.