Environmental Control Unit

This is a control system for your indoor greenhouse that takes care of watering, applying a UV-Filter and switching on and off your grow lamp, all at specific times or by using a soil sensor to sense when the soil is dry and needs to start and monitor a 'cycle' of operation. The cycles start the pump and UV-Filter when the timer tells it to or when the soil is dry, when the cycle is complete, the devices turn off and wait for the next order to turn on. The unit also has input from the operator so that they may ask it how many times it has turned on, or what to do at the specific moment. For example, Say you want to turn on the grow lamp early, you would input that via the button and it will turn on until the next cycle tells it to turn off, unless you tell it yourself early. There are commands for every operation that it performs. There are 10 commands currently. At present you need to attach a relay to the unit to apply power to your devices (Water Pump, UV-Filter and Grow Lamp) those relays can be purchased or attached to the ECU itself. For all inquiries, questions, pricing and availability please contact Brian at:

For Firmware progress, updates and more information please visit:

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