The SK9300 Project is one of the most difficult projects that Ive worked on in 25 years of building and designing similar devices like this. To put simply, it is a computer. Every part on the board was hand picked and the board itself was cut to my specification. It has a simple operating system and BIOS. The operating system itself contains about 15 commands at present and occupies no more than 6k of the 8k available to us on the ATTiny85 micro-controller. 2K of the 6 occupied of that are BIOS routines which handle keystrokes and Input/Output to a terminal. The speed of the data between the SK and Terminal are set to 115200 baud, however the internal communication between the other components (System Management Chip, Medium I/O) are much faster as the CPU clock speed is running at 16MHZ. All of the BIOS routines and commands were written by me using AVR-C Language and Assembler with the use of 1 timing library that I also wrote, because I was unable to locate a suitable and efficient library from audrino or any other sources. I do not use audrino and I built my own programmer to program the ATTiny series micro-controllers. As I documented below the locations of the Main Processor, SMC and communication chip which consists of an LM-393 Comparator IC. The SMC chip is an ATTiny13a and simply control's the LED readouts in the front panel to allow the user to see what is going on inside the machine (internal communication, external communication, busy, etc). The storage medium will accept any asynchronous data from any suitable medium.

As you can see above, prototype 1 on the right, and prototype 2 on the left. The second prototype as you may notice is much cleaner looking as you can imagine why.

When powered on, boot happens without any delay, a video will be posted soon.

If further development is ever what I want to do to this, then it will be making the communication more efficient.

This is easily accomplished by using an FT232 Breakout Board, or Wireless NRF24l01 making the box wireless.

Thanks for checkin it out, I probably wont do anything further with this unless I have an idea for it. Maybe Someday

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