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A simple hardware/software development tool for 100base-t RJ-45/ USB.

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Purpose - To aid in design and development of communications protocols
through wireless networks using Phase Shift Keying techniques.

Synopsis - This device employs an adaptive protocol scheme that can either be
modified, or designed from the ground up by the end user.

It can demodulate at rates upwards of 1mbps, variable stream baud rates.
This initial prototype as seen here communicates through the PC through
wired Ethernet cable. Reception has been tested at frequencies ranging
from 100Mc to 2Gc and has a variable high pass filter. One of the problems
with the device are that it has to use the Manchester Protocol to
communicate with the PC, making it somewhat sloppy as ECC also
has to be used in the windows native subsystem.This problem is
solved by using the PC's USB port.

Assembly of the RJ-45 interface

Primitive early version of the USB interface

As working on this is always progressing Im always continuing to look for improvements and increasing performance.

I found that microcontroller devices can play a very important role, specifically the AtTiny85.

I build a few multifunction devices and thanks to Ihsan Kehribar for the littlewire design and software and Jenna Fox (Bluebie) for the Micronucleus boot loader

I am able to offload processing routines right to the chip, run the code and return very satisfying results.

Several tools that I wrote may be of interest to people working with this chip among them is an x86 native code library for use in languages such as

VB6, Freebasic, and Lazarus, making it easy to program against in more familiar languages if you dont write code in C# / VB.net

As soon as the source code is "cleaned up" a bit I will post it on this site.

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