The Armen1 is a wearable peripheral device that includes many useful features as detailed below. ArmenWear™ was started for the sole purpose of creating portable wearable technology, so to make things easier and repetitive tasks more simple. The Armen1 is a working prototype, we are seeking funding to continue to improve this product by making it smaller and more power efficient. The funding we receive will be used to allocate shop space, workstations, equipment, and to employ those who have light engineering skills or experienced professional's who have worked in the field previously. As we are allowed to continue to grow, we will keep everyone updated on our progress. Thank you for visiting our site.



We did one for the left arm and decided to remove Bluetooth (nb). it reduces the size:

This doesn't mean that Bluetooth will be unavailable, however without it,  it looks more appealing.

This demo video isn't the greatest, I need a tripod and better audio.

This will illustrate functionality only.

I will record another one soon.